Squash Levels Membership

    Membership information

    Squash Levels is a free system which also offers additional functionality for members who join up for £5 per year. This is a low cost system but we do need to cover costs.

    We are now launching membership. Normally, the trial period will last 90 days but some registered users have been trialling for much longer than that. We hope you have enjoyed your trial! For those who have less than 30 days of trial remaining we have reset that back 30 to days as a final goodwill trial period. When that ends, we hope you will sign up for a year's membership and become a full member will access to full functionality. If not, the system will still be free but you won't have access to all the functionality. Please read on to see what you get for your membership.

    A link to the membership renewal page will appear magically when you have one week's membership or trial membership left.

    First 50 free! - Sorry these have all been taken now

    For those quick off the mark, the first 50 to sign-up will get their first year's membership for free! If you're already signed-up and in your trial period, you can also receive this free offer by visiting your 'My membership' page. If you're one of the first 50, you will automatically get your free membership. Be quick though - this is a limited offer! Note that you can also see how many days of trial/membership you have remaining from that page at any time.

    Payment is via PayPal so it's quick and easy. If you're unable to use PayPal then please get in touch and we'll find another way to get you joined up.

    Non-member or lapsed meember - free

    These are users who have not signed up, who aren't logged on or their previous membership has lapsed.

    • Access to all results from the last 6 months
    • Graphical level charts for all players for the last 6 months
    • Club/County/Country/World rankings based on player levels
    • Links back to source systems (where the results came from if available)
    • Email support - best efforts

    Player member - First 90 days free then £5/year

    • All the free stuff as listed above.
    • One click personal history. Since the system knows who you are, you have a direct link to your own history page.
    • Personalised my club/my county/my country rankings. Allows the member to go straight to their own ranking pages at any level and see what position they are. The player's row is highlighted so it's fast, clear and easy to see in a single click.
    • Graphical 'level played at' chart. This shows you how well you played in each match. The main level chart is damped and shows how well you're playing over a period of time. This chart gives it to you on the chin!
    • Graphical 'head to head' chart. This shows the level history of both players very clearly showing how they have compared over time. The head to head page also lists the matches that the players have played each other.
    • Edit own player details and preferences. If you see something wrong with your details you can fix it yourself. Or maybe set your age group or even sex correctly. Most league systems don't provide age category data so SquashLevels has to assume you're an adult male!
    • Appear in your country rankings. Set your country in your details and you will be included!
    • Personalised links from your own league system. The above personal links can all be added to your own league's website using your league ID rather than your SquashLevels ID. These are generic links which your webmaster can add.
    • Access to full history for all players. This goes back many years in most cases.
    • Level change explanation page. Click on the level change numbers in your history and you'll be given a full exlanation of how that change was calculated.
    • Most improved. See how much you've improved (or otherwise) over the last 12 months compared to everyone else. This page gives a ranking of improvement so you can see who's getting better fastest in your club, county or even country.
    • Expected result prediction. Enter two players' names into this page and the system will predict the result. Interesting but also useful to know how well you need to play to not go up or down in the rankings.
    • Corrrect your own results. If you see something wrong with one of your results on the system you can fix it yourself.
    • Add your own results. You can add any additional competitive match results - from boxes to internal competitions or whatever.
    • Player participation page. See how many players are playing for each club both now and for the previous five years. Very interesting to see how clubs (and counties) have grown or got smaller over time.
    • Email support. Emails responded to normally within 24 hours.
    • Support your league. Every player who becomes a member reduces the amount the league have to pay for league membership.

    Club boxes - equivalent to 10% player membership. Free for 3 months.

    In order to set up boxes for your club on the system, you need to be a club admin. For that, just sign up as a regular player member and then request that you are made a club admin. There are no additional charges for becoming a club admin so feel free to have more than one if you'd like.

    Player members are already able to enter their own results (see list above) but for those those players who are not members we will provide a club-wide log-on that specifically allows them to enter their box results and see their opponents' contact details (if enabled by the club admin).

    There will be an annual charge for the club-wide log-on that is equivalent to 10% of the players becoming members but that will be offset by the player members themselves. So, for instance, if you have 60 players in your boxes that will cost 6 x £5 = £30 for the club and if 4 of those players are members, that will bring the club cost down by 4 x £5 (£20) to £10. Bargain!

    We recommend a little internal club marketing to encourage players to join up so you can remove your club costs altogether!

    Non-member leagues - free

    These are leagues for which we have results but no formal agreement to support them and no-one in the county admin role.

    We don't charge to receive results and are keen to receive as many results as we can on the system so it's accurate, complete, genuinely useful and interesting for all squash players. In many of these cases, the results are imported using a best efforts process that can't be done too often.

    • Results updated best efforts. Will be around a month or so behind.

    League membership - equivalent to 10% player membership. Free for 6 months.

    These are the leagues that we do actively support, they have a county admin and are covering the equivalent of 10% player membership between the league and the player members. That means that if 10% of the league players are members, then the league will not need to pay anything!

    • Results updated nightly - if we can work with the league IT to receive them
    • Email and phone support. Emails responded to normally within 24 hours and the county admins (below) also have our number which is not published on the website!
    • County admin assigned and supported. The county admin is needed to keep the information in the system in good shape for their county. They have a set of tools to use and help pages to reference. It's a key role and that person will be fully supported.
    • Personalised links from league system to squash levels. This allows the league website to link staight into the SquashLevels player's history page and also the club and county ranking pages with the player's position highlighted. It's very nice and very personalised.
    • Personalised links from the SquashLevels player history page direct to the player's page of the league website. Apart from providing a nice personal web experience it also brings the league and SquashLevels systems closer together making it look like we're all part of the same community - which we are!
    • League specific pages. These pages show information that is specific and interesting for the league such as player participation rates. If there's information you'd like to see on these pages then please get in touch.

    County admin - free membership

    These are users who help maintain the system data for their county. There can be more than one! In appreciation of the support they give the system - and their players - they have free membership.

    • Add results for anyone in the county
    • Merge player histories
    • Find/identify duplicate players
    • Edit/update players in their county
    • Nightly processing summary - so they can check results are going in OK


    If you change your mind within 14 days you are able to receive a full refund. Please just get in touch. After that we can't offer any refunds as the overheads of doing so will far outweigh the amount of the membership itself - it is a low membership cost system!

    Lapsed membership

    After 12 months of full membership, you will revert to a non-member if you don't renew. You can renew at any time.

    You will retain your log-in access as long as you continue to use the site, even if you are a non-member. However if you don't access the site for a period of 24 months then the system will assume you are no longer interested and will remove your log-in. Note that this only applies to your log-in details and not your results - they will continue to be held by the system. You can re-register at any time.


    Please note that SquashLevels is under constant development so the exact behaviour of the website could potentially differ from that described above. It should be close though and, hopefully, the overall intent is clear from this information.

    The results data on this website is obtained through inter-system connections and best efforts but Squashlevels cannot be held responsible for it's accuracy or any consquences from making this information available. In most cases, these results are already in the public domain.

    If you do not want your name to be displayed on the SquashLevels website, we can withold it. Please get in touch.